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Attractants for spinning baits

Attractants for spinning baits

Recently, among the spinning lures, edible rubber has come into vogue, which is increasingly replacing the good old silicone. Edible rubber in its components contains an attractant, and not just an attractant, but with amino acids and a protein, which at times increases its effectiveness, as spinning bait for catching predatory fish.

The difference of edible rubber from conventional silicone

After a certain period of time, the edible rubber when fishing on it by spinning gradually dissolves in the water. It is because of this property that she was given the name "edible". Such a constructive feature of this spinning bait requires special treatment with it.

Edible rubber should not be put in a box or a wet package. Especially used on fishing rubber with new bait. It can spoil all the new baits stored in one pack. This property of silicone spinning baits has already been tested on edible rubber from Megabass.


The price of edible rubber is slightly higher than conventional silicone baits. Sometimes 10-15 times, depending on the manufacturer and design features. Far from always edible rubber wins from silicone baits.

Argue with predator fishermen baits from edible rubber is senseless and unreasonable, as it proved to be effective in practice. If the effectiveness of edible rubber when fishing with spinning, we cannot increase, then we can successfully and repeatedly improve the catch characteristics of conventional silicone baits.

The modern industry of manufacturers of goods for fishing produces a wide range of all kinds of attractants. How to understand the possibility of using attractants for catching predatory fish with all their diversity?

Let's take as a basis three main components of the criterion:

  • Effectiveness
  • Ease of use
  • The breadth or range of application of attractants

Attractants for spinning baits are available in the following types:

  • Liquid, as in conventional bottles, and with aerosol spraying
  • Gel in vials, have the consistency of liquid honey
  • Maze-like, very similar to petroleum jelly and produced in tubes.

We note at once that the most effective will be attractants for spinning baits, which contain amino acids and proteins. Predatory fish very well perceives in water such properties of an attractant for spinning baits.

And our nose and generally the human sense of smell do not perceive these components of attractants for predatory fish. Therefore, in order to know how effective the application of the attractant can be when fishing with spinning, always carefully read about the presence of amino acids in the liquid or gel, as well as protein supplements.

Difference of attractants for predatory fish

The first group of attractants for carnivorous fish, which has a liquid consistency, does not adhere well to silicone baits and the smell quickly disappears, and after each casting the bait has to be treated with an attractant. If the same silicone bait soaks for a while in such an attractant, so that they are soaked in it, then the catch ability of such baits rises at times.

On the wobblers and metal baubles this group of attractants does not hold at all, which on one hand makes their application inefficient. However, on some wobblers, where the hooks have plumage of wool or artificial materials, the use of a liquid attractant when it moistens this fringe in certain cases gives a very even positive effect.

Also, do not forget about such successful spinning baits as foamy fish, which are not bad at catching pikeperch. The use of a liquid attractant for foamy fish and the possibility of impregnating them at times enhance their effectiveness and provokes predatory fish to attack.

Considering the second group of attractants for spinning lures for predatory fish - gel, we can say that it is somewhat more effective than liquid ones and keeps on silicone baits much longer. However, when applying such an attractant to the edge of the tee of the spinning spoon or wobblers, it can stick together, which leads to sticking and a decrease in the efficiency of the bait as a whole.

When used on foam rubber - this is the best kind of attractant, as it is absorbed into the sponge of the body of the bait and can hold up to 30 minutes with intensive fishing and finding bait under water. One of these attractants is the attractant "Double Fish" Zander 55 ml, which I personally use and can recommend, as an effective tool for processing spinning baits when catching pike perch and perch.

Here on the third group of attractants in the form of ointments for application to spinning baits I want to dwell in more detail. This is the most famous attractant for spinning baits Mega Strike.

Attractant Mega Strike

The components of its components include amino acids and protein, as indicated immediately by the manufacturer on the package. This attractant for predatory fish, when applied to bait, sticks to any surface, be it silicone, metal or plastic wobblers.

Depending on the conditions and the method, the catch is kept on the surface of the bait from 30 minutes to two hours. At the same time it has a very economical, in comparison with other attractants for spinning baits, consumption. Hence, high efficiency, convenience and a wide range of applications.

For several years of practice of using the attractant Mega Strike, I have repeatedly been convinced of the high efficiency of its application when fishing with spinning in various conditions and with various baits.

Attractants for spinning baits
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