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Bait and Additives Sensas for Fishing

Bait and additives Sensas for fishing

The use of new technologies and exceptionally natural components are two reasons why not only the French company Sensas, which is specialized in the development of fish lures and additives, is not only retained, but also does not lose popularity.

However, today under the brand Sensas, thousands of different products for anglers are produced. And this is not an accident, because at the end of each season, the company's experts carefully examine every detail of the equipment. Learn the nuances and subtleties of the fishing process, reviews of practitioners, as well as all the novelties in this area, to combine all the knowledge together.

Create for your clients truly ideal conditions for a pleasant and effective pastime. Thus, even without being an adept of Sensas, buying something from her products is considered a sign of good taste among professionals.

Jean Desque

The company has been known in the market since 1963, however, the push to conquer the peaks of the fishing market it received with the arrival in Sensas of international champion for fisheries Jean Desque.

It was under his leadership that the most famous among the professionals of the world bait series "3000" were developed. What, in fact, is the secret of success? It is simple: experts have defined the strategy according to which the task of bait is not only to entice fish, that is, to attract it to you from the entire body of water, but also to keep it on the necessary territory.

The bait of the series 3000 Super

There are several dozens of them, therefore, when choosing a variety; many factors should be taken into account: the color and smell of bait, its nutritional value, stickiness and much more. First, you need to consider the type of fish and decide whether you will use a bait for one species (Carp, Gardons, Ablettes or Bremes), combine two types or take something from a universal special series, for example 3000 Super.

Sensas 3000-super

In addition, you need to consider the stickiness and activity of your chosen bait. If you intend to fish small fish, it is better to choose the bait that disintegrates and muddies the surface of the reservoir. If you are preparing to catch in half-water, use a medium-macking bait. And for fishing from the bottom, the best option would be heavy, sticky bait.

However, it is worth remembering that too sticky bait, such as 3000 Riviera, when used on the lake will not increase the percentage of the catch. Its layer will decay excessively slowly, which, in turn, will not attract fish because of low activity. At the same time, too friable bait, like, for example, 3000 Etang, will quickly wash the current and the clay will weaken.

As for the choice of bait, do not forget about such conditions as the depth of fishing and the strength of the current. For a small fry, you need to use a surface bait, for example 3000 Ablettes or Record 515. Once in the water, it instantly forms a fragrant cloudy cloud that will keep your fish on top because of the low settling speed.

While just the opposite of the action of bait 3000 Bremes for catching from the bottom - first settles, and only then begins to disintegrate. To slow the decay of the bait, and this is necessary in cases where the wind determines the movement of water, you can use Collix glue, as well as clay and soil from the Terre de Riviere / Somme / Fond series. If you are fishing in a place where the current is strong, use sticky bait.

When adding clays to them, their binding properties are enhanced. In addition, a true professional should be prepared for a variety of changes, so, it is worth considering that your bait can attract a different fish than you expected, or that the force of the current will change dramatically. In this case, you need to use additives (PV1, Collix, Decollix), which can quickly change the structure of your chosen bait. Bait and additives Sensas

Depending on the size of the fish that you plan to "hunt" for, and the distance from which you want to attract it, you need to determine if you need a bait that creates turbidity or not. Bait, leaving behind a muddy trail, is best suited for a river or for catching large fish, for example, bream. For this effect, you need to add a special paint, for example, Tracix.

You can also use special types of land or surface clay. Not the last quality that should be taken into account is the bait coloring. The color depends on what season of the year you prefer to fish. So, in early spring, winter or late autumn, bait dark flowers are good. At this time, the water is colder, in consequence, more transparent. But for a large fish in the summer it is better to use light bait. Do not forget about the nutritional value of your bait, because the task of the fisherman is only to feed the fish, and not feed it to the dump.

Therefore, the choice of nutrition also depends on the season. In summer, the fish behaves more actively, and therefore spends more energy, while in winter the fish is less active. Therefore during this period the bait from series Noir mixed with clay or a ground (50 on 50) perfectly approaches. In summer, you can add to the bait pre-fried and ground seeds. Bait Sensas 3000 A completely new series of baits developed in this field.

Due to the diversity of the assortment and the individual approach, you will be able to choose the best option, depending on the place of fishing, the type of fishing rod and the type of fish. All baits are conveniently sorted into hermetically sealed bags from 1 to 2.5 kilograms. There are four series: specialized, classical, budgetary and granular.

To specialized bait Sensas 3000 belong: 3000 Attractive - a new development, which includes a variety of different cereals and flavors. Due to a good balance of components, it even attracts fish even from an impressive distance. 3000 Fine Texture. Due to the very fine grinding with the help of this bait, you can catch even the most cautious fish. It is best suited for use on ponds with a small current, lakes and canals 3000 Explosive.

Speed ​​is the main feature of this bait. Using Explosive, you can quickly lure the fish to the point of the pond that you need. 3000 Match. This bait can be used as a base or in combination with other bait. A real universal soldier who will help you adapt to any conditions and any fish. 3000 Gardons specific bait, which should only be used if you are going to "hunt" for roach. A wide range of the series will allow you to choose the ideal option for any conditions. 3000 Bremes. These baits attract bream better than others. Again, a wide range will make you independent of the conditions and habitat of your favorite fish 3000 Carp.Sensas 3000 Specimen

The name of this bait speaks for itself; its target audience is the family of carp. Excellent effect both on artificial reservoirs, and on natural. Due to the composition, it can be used with equal success, both for catching carp, and for catching carp. An avid fisherman shares the secret of successful fishing; you just need to take it with you. Bait for fishing 3000 Specimen.

A special series, which can be used either in competitions or in the event of an abundance of competitor fishermen in a small water area. The smell, grain composition, protein and size of the fractions are selected in a way that will help you attract the best carp. 3000 Ablettes. If your goal is a small fish that floats near the surface of the water, it is best to choose this bait. A fragrant cloud cloud, which it forms in the water, particularly attracts the sticker.

Classic Sensas bait is, first of all, 3000 Etang. The bait series, which is best used for catching in standing water. To improve the effect, simply mix it with additives for a particular type of fish, and your mixture will be suitable for fishing in any weather. If you prefer to fish on a canal or river, 3000 Riviera is the best assistant. Due to the multitude of connecting components, you can use it even in places with a strong current.

But if you plan to fish deep, use the 3000 Fond series. It is especially effective in places with strong currents. Due to the heavy binders of composite, it reaches the bottom faster than the rest. In addition, it is resistant to flow and for a longer time does not wash out.Sensas 3000 Super-feeder 3000 Super Anglaise - this is a bait for fishing at long distances. For its casting, it is best to use a slingshot, and specially selected binding components will help it to preserve integrity. If you like to use feeder rods, you will not find a better feeder than 3000 Feeder.

Due to the properties of its components, it lies perfectly in the trough, and dissolves immediately after interaction with water. From the budgetary series Sensas it is worth highlighting the bait of 3000 Club. It is combined with almost all additives, soils, clays, fragrances and other components. As a result of simple manipulations, you can make an ideal bait mix for any fish and any conditions.

And the last series is granulated. Here on the rightful place of honor belongs 3000 Pellets. Pellets can be used either separately, or added to the ground or mixture. The best bait, enriched with protein and special oils, which not only makes it attractive to fish, but also increases the duration of the effect by almost a half.

Sensatis fragrancesSensas for fishing

Sensas is also known for its flavors. The company's specialists have long worked to provide customers with a wide range of products, as they say, taste, color and smell. And now Sensas attractants not only lure the fish to your fishing place, having awakened her appetite, but also extend their action to as large a territory as possible.

Some types of fragrances Sensas

  1. Sensas Attractix - this flavor is also added to the water for mixing, however, unlike the previous one, it has a high concentration. Therefore, professionals do not advise using it more than one cap (this is a liquid variety) per 1 kilo of bait.
  2. Sensas Secretix is ​​a slightly less concentrated flavor that is made from secret ingredients. Nevertheless, with him you can achieve amazing results: no more than 3 caps per kilo of bait - and the fish will only spin around your fishing rod.
  3. Sensas Concentrix - another additive with a high concentration of active substances, but this time in the form of a powder, to enhance the action of bait. It is enough to have one sachet per 3 kg of bait of the appropriate kind - and your catch will increase noticeably.
  4. Sensas Bombix is ​​an absolutely original spray additive. This flavor is especially convenient because it allows you to process not only the bait, but also, directly, the bait itself or the attachment.
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