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Fish Pheromones Bait

Fish pheromones bait

Scientific research in the field of fishing almost two decades ago began to use baits based on pheromones. The effectiveness of this tool is proven and patented in 2001. The action of fish pheromones bait is directed to the natural receptors of fish. Bait with pheromones is an environmentally friendly means to attract fish on a fishing trip.

The effectiveness of fish pheromone

It has long been known that fish communicate with each other by exchanging specific signals that are fed with pheromones. As a person synthesizes hormones, fish produce certain pheromones in various situations. Thanks to the pheromone, fish individuals get into flocks, multiply, feed. Thanks to pheromones, fish exist. It is proved that the olfactory abilities of fish are more developed than in dogs.

Pheromones in bait used for fishing are biologically active substances of synthetic origin. They are identical to the natural pheromone that is excreted by fish.

Long-term study of the life of fish allowed scientists to artificially synthesize the substance attracting their attention. But it happens that one interest of water inhabitants is not enough. Many fishermen note that the fish walks around but is not interested in bait.

Fish pheromones formula
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Modern bait with pheromones fulfills the main goal:

  • to attract attention;
  • stimulation of hunger;
  • schooling reflex.

Pheromone stimulating hunger represents the most modern group of synthetic substance. These artificially synthesized substances are absolutely identical to the natural substances that are produced in the body of hungry fish.

Synthetic pheromone helps to increase the natural sense of hunger in fish. It encourages the immediate search for any food. Because the fish does not just swallow the bait. She is actively looking for any kind of food.

The use of bait with pheromone collects fish in a certain place. Promote good activity of the fish due to hunger. The accumulation of a large number of individuals in the place of catching thanks to the collection of fish in the flock.

Attractants with pheromones for different species of fish

Different fish populations prefer certain food. They react more actively to special smells. This is due to the nature of the fish, climate, water, natural food. The less the species of fish are related, the more different are their tastes. Therefore, the manufacturer creates baits with pheromones designed to attract certain fish populations.

These baits consist of components that have a specific taste and smell of interest to a particular type of fish. Most often these are the elements of the food with which the fish are already familiar. But with the inclusion of chemicals that have an effect on fish.

Attractant also attracts the attention of fish. The action of an attractant with a pheromone is directed not only to the taste preferences of fish but also to instinct. Therefore, the effectiveness of bait with the use of pheromone attracting the attention of a specific fish is much higher. So attractants with pheromones for carp, pike, catfish, pike perch, bream and others were developed. There is no universal attractant or bait with pheromone for predatory and peaceful fish.

The predatory fish extracts food mainly relying on sight. Therefore, she is interested in soft type bait (polymer, silicone). But because of inedibility it often spits out this bait. To the aid comes the possibility of impregnating a soft bait attractant containing pheromones and other attractive components.

The form of bait with pheromones

Fertilizers using pheromones are produced in limited quantities by only a few manufacturers of fish baits. These firms are engaged in development and closely cooperate with chemists, biologists, ichthyologists. Some firms also produce baits with allegedly pheromone fish. But their technology is based on traditional food additives or animal blood extracts. Formulas of synthetic pheromones are patented and kept in strict secrecy.

Bait with pheromones is realized in various forms:

  • dry mix;
  • gel;
  • solution;
  • spray.
  • It is necessary to stop the choice on the form most convenient for a specific fishing.

Rules for using bait with pheromones

Depending on the form of release and the concentration of the active substance, baits are used in pure form (spray, gel) or diluted according to the instruction of the amount of water or feed. For example, the known attractant Ultrabite is available in 5 ml ampoules.

According to the instructions, this concentrate should be diluted in 0.5 liter of water. To avoid overspending, you can use a medical syringe. Dissolve in a suitable volume of liquid. It is recommended that the plastic ampoule be sealed with fish clay to preserve the properties of the active element (pheromone). Synthetic pheromone quickly loses its property in the air.

Pheromone concentrate can:

  • process the bait;
  • add to feed;
  • throw in the water (some baits with pheromone are produced in special PVA packages ready to be immersed in water entirely).

Producers say that pheromone bait is not always effective with other flavored products. Such a complex of substances can attract fish but can also scare away.

Attractant and bait based on pheromone fish are effective in any period of the year. Regardless of the temperature on the street. It is worth considering that the synthetic pheromone in bait and attractant quickly loses its activity in the open air.

In less than half an hour. In the aquatic environment, pheromones affect the receptors of fish for 7-9 hours. The pheromone-based bait is completely decomposed in the aquatic environment in 24 hours. Does not have a negative impact on the reservoir and on the life of fish.

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