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How to Cook Canned Corn for Fishing

How to cook canned corn for fishing

Not every corn is good for fishing. You should choose such that the grains are not empty. Corn grains have a rounded shape. Sufficiently elastic and well-kept on the hook. Corn should have a pronounced smell. In the fishing shops, canned corn is sold for fishing of different colors, taste and size.

Sweet corn goes well with a worm, sponge and bloodworm. From it, you get delicious sandwiches before which no carp or bream will stand. Very rich juice is poured from the jar into the bait. It turns out a fragrant sweet smell.

corn in combination with worm

An original way of combining corn with an odor is used by some fishermen. Several larvae are attached to the hook. A flesh is extracted from the corn seed. It is put on top of the wool on the hook. The sharp sense of smell of carp is able to detect the larvae hidden under a peculiar cap.

Canned corn at home

Not all sweet corn is good for fishing. The one that fits does not belong to the budget category. Many fishermen prefer to preserve corn on their own. So it turns out much cheaper and the corn is enough for 1-2 seasons.

For cooking, you need ordinary fodder corn. It has a rich corn smell. Everyone knows what taste and smell boiled corn has in the cabbage. Approximately the same flavor will come from our canned corn.

Before cooking corn for fishing, it should be soaked for about 24 hours. Before soaking the grain, rinse so that there is no debris and foreign impurities. After a while, the grains swell and can be cooked. We put corn on the fire and bring it to a boil. For the preparation of corn, it is enough to take 5 kilograms of grains. Water should be 3 times more than the amount of corn kernels.

Before boiling water in it, fall asleep 5-6 tablespoons of sugar. Cook for about 40 minutes over medium heat. In the process, choose foam and mix. Aromatizes do not need to add. Corn has its own smell to interrupt which should not be. Already on the fishing trip, you can add a suitable attractant to the corn.

We try the water for sugar. If sugar is weakly felt, then add 2-3 more spoons of sugar. Corn will become soft and ready when several bursting grains appear. Nothing wrong with that. This is a signal that it's time to remove the pan from the plate.

Canned Corn

Preliminary we prepare dry and clean half-liter jars with lids for them. We fall asleep in the jar and enjoy the rich smell of corn. Filling up to 8-10 jars with grains and the resulting juice we cover them with lids. As do with canning vegetables. After that, the banks are sterilized. To do this, we need a large 10 liter saucepan. We set the cans in it by first putting the old towel on the bottom.

After that, turn on the gas to a small level and cook for another 3-3.5 hours. We do not cover the pan with a lid. Let the water gurgle a little. We do everything the same way as in the case of canning tomatoes or cucumbers. After the closure of all the cans, put them in a secluded place and cover with a blanket.

If you often go fishing you can cook 20 to 30 cans at once. This way you get a cheap bait for carp fishing. Canned cereals are obtained by elastic, nutritious, whole, fragrant. They will perfectly stick to the hook. This corn is equally suitable for bottom and float fishing. On corn grains you can catch on a strong current. The nozzle will lie well on the bottom.

How to steam corn for fishing in a thermos

Good corn in boiled and parsed form. It can be cooked in a thermos. For this, the grains are pre-soaked for 24 hours as in the previous case. Soaking time depends on the type of corn. A solid variety of corn is soaked for 2 days and a milder grade is 1 day.

We fall asleep corn in a ratio of 1 part of grains and 4 parts of water. Boiling water should be steep. Fill it in a thermos and put the grain on for 4 hours. After this time, we take out the ready bait and pour it into a jar. Let's cool down. Corn is ready for use.

How to use young corn?

You can cook corn for fishing in the summer. Young grains contain a large amount of lactic acid. They have a characteristic flavor and taste. These grains are suitable in raw form for catching in some water bodies of carp.

boiled corn on the cob

How to cook corn for fishing? Just like for yourself. To choose it is necessary ear of corn with hardly yellowish but already juicy and large grains. Boil the corn until it is bright yellow. We look for the grains to be regular in shape and soft.

Fill the pan with water and put the heads there when it boils. One small head is enough for fishing. The rest boldly brew for themselves. This is a high-calorie food that will completely replace any breakfast and lunch. Especially on fishing when you do not want to be distracted by cooking.

Corn is boiled for about 30 minutes. If the young cobs need to boil for 20 minutes. If corn is slightly overripe we cook for 40 minutes. We corn for ourselves. For carp, do not salt. The smell and taste of young corn will suit the carp and bream. This bait is good for carp fishing during the summer season. Canned corn is well kept on the hair assembly and just on the hook.

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