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How to feed a carp on a fishing trip

How to feed a carp on a fishing trip

The basic rule is to never use a bait if there is a doubt about its quality. I have been practicing carp fishing for many years and will consider how to properly feed the carp on a fishing trip. I will share everything that I know about carp nutrition, about companies that produce attachments, bait, attractants and their application in carp fishing.

I'll start with Richworth. It was founded in 1981, and produced the first boilies in 1983. During all this time, the range of boilies produced by the company has grown significantly. Separately, we need to talk about Tutti-Frutti. This flavor was invented for boilies by Bob Baker. Thousands of carp were caught on the fragrance. Now he continues to work stably.

In my bag there are always two banks with boilies of different diameters. One with floating booms Tutti, the other with drowning boilies. Often I combine boilies with Tutti and Pineapple flavors. The company released and a series of instant pellets. They include flavorings Tutti-Frutti and Pineapple. You can feed the carp with a rocket or make a mixture and make balls.

The recipe for feeding carp

  • pellets Tutti-Frutti or Pineapple Hawaian - 1 kg
  • CarpXL + - 1 kg (loose, high-nutrition bait)
  • Crumb boilies - 0.5 kg (finely ground fruit beans)
  • Tutti-Frutti boilies - 0.5 kg (diameter 20 mm, cut into four parts)
  • boiled corn - 0.5 kg
  • hemp boiled - 0.5 kg
  • Multiplex basic mixture - 0.5 kg
  • Corn steep liquid - 50 mg (extract from corn)
  • Richamino - 30 mg (amino acids)

Liquid supplements need to be diluted in water. Then enter into the mixture, mix well and after an hour you can sculpt the balls. On the second place on efficiency I put Ultraplex and Plum Royal (plum).

Do not overfeed carp - rule 2

Even the most wonderful bait can spoil fishing. If you apply the principle of "how much, I feed so much." First you need to determine the temperature of the water, the direction of the wind, the activity of the fish, the size of the pond. Only after this you can start preparing the bait. If there is very little fish in the selected place, then a large amount of food will saturate the fish earlier than it detects the boilies. Where there are a lot of fish, a small amount of bait will catch one or two specimens, but will not keep the pack.

Exploration and preparation for fishing

Having collected information about a wild pond do not try to copy everything that local fishermen do. Sometimes opposing actions can give an unexpected result. A few years ago, I went to a lake with a friend. Information about him was received from a friend. A lake with an area of ​​16 hectares has not been stocked by the past 15 years.

The catches of local fishermen rarely met carp for 3-5 kg. A familiar fisherman told about a catfish, which tears the fishing lines and drags the rods. Or maybe it's not a catfish? Local fishermen are fed with mixed fodder, catch on a worm. No one ever caught a catfish. Nobody heard of boilies and carp on them no one caught.

All the fishermen were located on the opposite side of the lake with convenient places for fishing. We walked around the lake and chose a bay with a overgrown shore. Nobody ever caught fish here. From here it was possible to harvest the entire water area to the opposite shore. In the corner of the bay at a distance of 5 meters from the shore stretched a number of flooded trees, occupying one third of the selected sector.

Bay of the lake with overgrown shore

This place was perfect for a large carp. The depth at the shore is 0.5 meters. To the opposite shore 80 meters. The marker showed a maximum depth of 4.5 meters at a distance of 50 m. From this point there was a rise in both directions. To the opposite shore it was smooth. Then he moved to a flat plateau. At 15 meters from it over the water hanging bushes.

We found two perspective points. At a distance of 60 meters to the right of the pit, a sandy plateau with a depth of 1.8 m. To the left, 40 meters from the shore, a place with flooded tree roots. Fish with boilies are not familiar here, so we decided to create at least four stern spots. The water in the pond is calm, the water temperature is 20 ° C. Chosen boilies based on fishmeal and boilies with the aroma of honey. At a high temperature in a pond, fish prefers animal food.

Honey boil was used as an accent, with which the fish is already familiar. The bait was made on the basis of the Complex (boilies, base mixture and additive) with cut boilies Honey Ykatan (honey), pellets CSL and Halibut (halibut), Trout Powder (trout powder), boiled hemp, corn and loose mixture of Lake. All components, except cereals, produced by Richworth.

Bait used complex and Honey bones with a diameter of 14 mm. Having no idea of ​​the density of the carp population, we tried to attract more fish to understand how to proceed. We chose four sections. Five rockets with a mixture of cannabis and corn, filled with CSL (corn syrup), were sent to each point. Loose ingredients were used to create turbidity. To create a food signal in all layers of water. After baiting the rocket in all four points, "cobra" sent 0.5 kg of boilies 20 mm in diameter.

The best mixture for carp

  • pellets CSL - 2 kg
  • pellets Halibut - 1 kg
  • Trout Powder - 0.5 kg
  • Base mixture Complex - 0,5 kg
  • Boilies Complex - 2 kg (cut)
  • Honey boilies - 1 kg (cut)
  • Loose mixture Lake - 1 kg
  • Additive Complex - 100 mg
  • Pure Salmon Oil (salmon oil) - 100 mg

Two hours later I saw the carp exit at a far point. This was the only time the fish designated their presence. It began to get dark. The fishermen began to gather home. Almost everyone was with a catch. No one caught the carp. In the morning of the next day, we fed the points, half the amount of ground bait. Soon there was a splash under the bushes on the opposite shore and immediately the alarm buzzer began to sing.

After 20 minutes, the 8 kg carp was already lying on the mat. The fish began to feed on the well-fed points. In the evening they decided not to feed the carp with "cobra" and reduced the number of cut boilies up to 1 kg. All the rigging made with PVA-packages. Fill them with our mixture and add a deep Honey. The next alarm sound occurred about one in the morning.

Up to 8 o'clock in the morning six more carp were caught from 7 to 11 kg. At noon, there was a signal from the point on the pit. By the way the rod was bent, I realized that the fish is very large. I could not stop the carp. Carp went to the left of us in the bay. There were many flooded tree roots. Holding the spool with my hand, I tried to keep the fish in place, on the verge of breaking the line. Finally, the carp began to give way.

Twenty minutes later we weighed the carp at 15.6 kg. On examination, two hooks were found. One is in the upper lip, and the other is found over a scrap of fishing line in the depth of the mouth. Apparently, this was the very "catfish". They got hooks, healed the wounds with the aid of the first aid kit "carp clinics" and released the fish.

carp at 16 kilograms

Not on all wild lakes, fishing is so successful. Some had to wait for carp for three days. When they say that boilies on wild water bodies work badly and should be caught on the food habitual for carp (worm, maggots, corn) this is the deepest delusion. Boyle always outperforms the natural bait. Works selectively and attracts larger fish.

On this fishing for two days we spent 14 kg of boilies, 12 kg pellets and 8 kg of loose mixture. I believe that the success was brought to the right mix, boilies and well chosen place. We caught carp where no one had tried before. Because the carp felt safe. He did not leave his usual place. The carp took a little time to taste bait.

Search for the current carp site - rule 3

Look for places where the fish can stand. Only then start to feed the carp. Do not waste time on the probability of the arrival of carp. Carp fishing is chess on a pond. Preparatory work is quite complicated, but it helps to save time and finances on the next fishing trip. You get no less pleasure from the work done than from the extracted trophy.

How to feed a carp on a fishing trip
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