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Increase the Attractiveness of Bait for Carp

Increase the attractiveness of bait for carp

The easiest way to increase the attractiveness of bait for carp is to add the flavor to the bag with the boilies and mix. This works well when the boilies are air-dried or frozen. A negative result can be a bitter taste of bait. So you need to make boilies sweet. Especially on water bodies where there is a big competition of fishermen for carp. It will also adversely affect the result if you add too much attractant or flavor. All the fish will be scared at a large area of ​​the water area.

Natural attractants

These include not only a liquid with a strong odor. It can also be dried, shredded vegetable and animal components. You can use fish oil, shellfish juice, hemp oil, chopped liver, milk powder, seasoning and much more.

All this can be used in the manufacture of boilies. It can also be used as an addition to boilies. Let the fish understand that this is food and not just deliciously smelling balls on the bottom. Natural flavors differ from synthetic so that they cannot overdose boilies and bait. Only fish oil can spoil the fishing. With prolonged storage and high temperature, fish oil becomes bitter.

It is best to use hemp, olive and nut butter. These oils do not spoil for a long time. Using them with boilies add to the mixture what you want but without the flavor. This avoids the risk of overdosing lure.

Method of application of attractants for boilies

It is not recommended to dip the boilie before you throw it. Part of the syrup will immediately fly off the boil. The other part is washed off during the culling. It is better to soak boilies in syrups before fishing for a few days.

There are all kinds of sticky syrup sticking to everything. They are sold with different smells. There are syrups with a neutral smell. You yourself can give the boy a certain taste. You can pour boilies with syrup and sprinkle on top with a flavored mixture or a dry activator bait.

There are attractants with an extravagant combination of aromas. If we do not like the mixed smell of chocolate and shrimp, then this does not mean that the fish might not like it. Some of us like sweet and sour or meat with fruit. Why not fish like that.

bait for carp

Using fish oil, you can simply dunk a boilie into it. You can pour fish oil in the feed before casting. In principle, it's normal. You can see the oil balls popping to the surface. Beauty, attractive, the fish are delighted. Everyone is delighted if you do not count all your things: a tent, a sleeping bag, a backpack and you yourself stink in a radius of twenty meters with salmon oil.

On the water, a huge oil stain is as if after an oil tanker disaster. I think my neighbors will not like fishing. Alternatively, this method can be applied if you are alone in a pond. I gave you some ideas and you decide how to use them.

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