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Leader of Carp Bait Fun Fishing

Leader of carp bait Fun Fishing

The French company Fun Fishing is one of the leaders in the production of carp bait. Some of its developments have no analogues. Boilies and pellets of Fun Fishing are becoming more popular all over the world. The baits of this company are caught carp which were officially declared a record in different countries.

Carp fishing with bait Fun Fishing

In my kit there are always boilies and bait Fun Fishing. I set my personal record at 23.25 kilograms using the boilies of this firm. The record lasted two years. There were fish at 17, 18 and 19 kg, but I could not catch a carp for more than 20 kg a very long time. That day everything turned out well. Not the least role was played by the boilies Mussel Grayfish. Last year, on the Monster Crab boilies from the Extazy line, we caught 24.65 kg of carp. With the help of the Fun Fishing boilies, I managed to catch a few carp on the lake.

boilies company Fun Fishing

Then for three days the neighbors on fishing could not catch any carp. Two of my friends caught there the third day, but to no avail. The water body is 8 hectares. Depths up to 7 meters. There is a shallow plot. But because of the steep and overgrown places, only four places were suitable for fishing. In the middle of the lake there is a small island. You can get to it only from one sector.

Not much carp. The fish is large, not less than 10 kilograms and cautious. Fishermen said that there are copies for 20 kg. The bottom is silted. In some places, the bait quickly loses its smell. It is necessary to update the boilies and often throw the tackle. It's bad when you take a cautious fish.

It's been raining for a week already. When I arrived early in the morning on the lake, the sun came out. Friends used a different bait. They caught on different horizons and distances, but it did not bring success. They fed grain, pellets and boilies. For three days, we spent about 25 kilograms of boilies for two. I think this practice does not justify itself.

Many fishermen have a "bait syndrome". If the fish are not caught, they periodically pop boilies. But if the fish is not active, this does not mean that she ate the boilies that you threw earlier. Boilies just might not be like fish. No matter how much you throw, the result will not change.

The history of carp fishing

Fishermen settled on the lake on the principle of comfort. Two places were nearby and allowed to communicate. There they set up a camp. Two other places were at a decent distance. The sector, from which it was possible to get to the island, was free. I went there. To the island more than 100 meters. I had with myself a boilies of Power Fruit and Gammarus from Fun Fishing.

Boilies of my friends might not like carp because of the structure and weak aromatization. Boilies remained solid, having lain in the water for more than a day. The fragrance and structure are interrelated. A solid boil slightly emits a smell. On this lake, he could even lose it very quickly.

Two fishermen are located side by side. Ten lines of seven rods and three markers were found on a small section of the lake. It turned out a powerful press on the local part of the reservoir. I decided to catch two rods. For bait, I decided to use a 16-mm diameter boil, cut and raised floating corn overhead.

I also cooked small "sweets" from crumbled boilies and pellets Mini Halibut. In the line Fun Fishing there are several series of boilies - Classic, Start up, Energizer, Ecstazy. Power Fruit. The Energizer series is based on a bird's food with a high carbohydrate content especially for warm water.

series boilies Ecstasy

Bombs Gammarus from the series Start up have a coarse-grained structure. This is done due to the micro granules introduced into their composition. Getting into the water, they begin to actively allocate the attractant.

I threw one tackle at a distance of 90 meters. Right opposite the center of the island, to a depth of 3 meters. Another tackle was thrown at 60 meters. Opposite the left edge of the island, to a depth of 1.2 m.

The bait consisted of round granules of Soluball with a diameter of 20 mm, dissolving in three to four hours. Also from conventional granules with a diameter of 12 mm, with the same smell as the main boilies. "Cobra" threw in points of 0.5 kg of round granules. With the help of the "rocket" - on 0,5 kg 12 millimeters.

The forecast promised better weather. I hoped that when the carp began to actively feed, then the time for boilies would come. The fish did not behave in any way. There were no air bubbles on the point. In the evening I refreshed the bait. Dobrosil 1 kg of pellets and lay down in a tent. So without waiting for the signal from the alarm, I fell asleep.

At 3 am I was awakened by a single pager signal. I got out of the sleeping bag and sat down. The pager flashed a blue light bulb, but there was no continuation. Only I was going to fall asleep again, the alarm-box sang. Carp liked the fruit boil at the far point. After 15 minutes the carp was 11 kilograms lying on the mat.

series boilies Gammarus

I renewed the bait and threw the rod. I threw 20 boilies. I drank my tea and went to sleep again. In the morning, another carp came from a far point. The nearest point was silent. He tossed pellets and a few boilies. Soon another fruit carp landed on the fruit ball. This is the end of fishing. The next series of carp activity took place at noon on Gammarus. Two more carp were on the shore. As a result, in three days I caught 12 carp.

The largest was 13 kilograms. I still cannot understand what is the reason for the lack of carp activity at night. In the morning the fish took it at a far point. Afternoon at the near point. My friends caught two carp on the second day, when I shared fruit balls with them. Perhaps this is a coincidence, and maybe not a coincidence. For three days I spent 8 kilograms of pellets and 6 kilograms of boilies.

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