Activator Bait Fishing Large TROUT and SALMON

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A unique bait activator for fishing for trout, grayling, salmon in any waters and regions

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Activator for fishing TROUT is unique bait, which has no analogue. One of the best innovative developments in the field of application of fishing lures and attractants for fishing in fresh and salt water.

A well balanced bait composition and the use of secret ingredients entice the trout to the location of the activator. The bait is intended to attract and enhance the activity of trout, salmon and other fish of this species. The composition of this product for fishing includes pheromones of fish of the family of salmon. Used at any time of the year to catch trout and salmon in any regions.

Getting into the zone of distribution of molecules of pheromones, trout begins to actively seek their prey. Even on a fast current, trout reacts quickly to the presence of activator components in the water, causing the fish to search for the site of the maximum concentration of bait active ingredients. Super Bait does not mimic potential production.

Synthetic pheromones and other secret ingredients act on the touch of a predator salmon. The fish begins to actively look for food. In trout compared to other fish, for example carp, several times more sensitive sense of smell.

Therefore, even for a small amount of active substances in the water, trout reacts quickly and becomes very active in search of food. Another feature of the bait activator Super Bait is that the larger the fish, the better it responds to the appeal of pheromones.

The way of application and description of the activator bait is available on the page Super Bait - activator for fishing.

Using the bait activator Super Bait, you several times increase the chances of catching a large trout or salmon!

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