Activator bait for BREAM

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Unique bait activator for fishing in freshwater or saltwater for bream, roach and chub

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Activator for fishing BREAM ROACH is unique pheromone bait, which has no analogue. This is one of the best innovative developments in the field of application of fishing lures and attractants.

Activator of fishing Super Bait bream contains in its composition pheromones of bream, roach and some other fish of this type. The activator lures such fish as bream, roach, ide, asp and other fish of this species.

A well-balanced and selected bait composition, as well as the use of secret ingredients, entices fish from a long distance, forcing it to stay in the place where it was applied for a long time. Pheromones not only call a fish, but also collect it in a pack. Under favorable conditions, the activator bait provokes the fish to spawn. In addition, the secret ingredients in the lure make the fish constantly look for food.

Since the super bait has a small amount of food, the fish begins to look everywhere for food. In the place of the abandoned sachet with the activator, a large number of fish begins to be collected. Bream and other fish of this species become very active when pheromones are activated.

The way to properly use the bait activator is on the Super Bait - activator for fishing page.

Fishing with the use of activator bait bream becomes very interesting and productive.

Activator bait for BREAM
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