Activator bait for CATFISH

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Unique bait activator for fishing in river or lake for catfish.

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Activator for fishing CATFISH is unique bait, which has no analogue. One of the best innovative developments in the field of application of fishing lures and attractants.

The bait activator is designed to attract and enhance the activity of the catfish in the place of the proposed fishing. The composition of the bait includes catfish pheromones, as well as other secret ingredients. A well-balanced composition provides a strong influence on predator activity. Used in the warm season to catch catfish in rivers and lakes.

Pheromones attract fish from a great distance, and activate it, forcing them to constantly look for food. The bait activator Super Bait has shown itself as well in catching some other species of fish. In particular, the bait activates the bait very well. In winter, bait activates and calls burbot.

The synthetic pheromones contained in the bait activator and the balanced ingredients best influence the sexually mature individuals. This indicates that mainly large bovine catfish or other similar fish will respond to the bait call. Under favorable conditions, Super Bait provokes catfish on the pre-spawning period.

Before spawning, catfish begin to eat intensively, absorbing everything in their path. When testing the bait activator in autumn and spring, there was also an increase in catfish activity. In some regions other predators reacted to the bait, such as pike, pike perch, and bass.

The way of application and description of the activator bait is available on the page Super Bait - activator for fishing.

Using the bait activator Super Bait you several times increase the chances of catching a trophy catfish!

Activator bait for CATFISH
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