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The Best Bait to Catch Carp

The best bait to catch carp

The bait for carp fishing does not need to be looked for long. The best bait for carp is sold in a regular store. These are ordinary products that we see almost every day. The main thing is to cook and use only fresh food. Several proven best baits for carp look here.

Tiger nuts

Tiger Nuts

The most effective bait for carp. It is sold only in a fishing shop. Prepare tiger nuts for carp fishing is not difficult. Fill 1 kilogram of tiger nuts with 1 liter of water. We leave in a closed bowl for 24 hours. You can add a little sugar to the water. In a day around the nuts formed resembling mucus. This is normal. We cook for 30 minutes and you can go fishing.


boiled corn for fishing

This is an excellent vegetable bait for carp. Sold in the store and on the market. The smell and color of corn attracts carp at any time of the year.

Cooking corn for carp. Fill 1 kilogram of corn with 2 liters of water. Leave in the water for 20 hours. After that, cook for 15 minutes and leave to cool with the lid closed. Grains are considered ready when the peel on them slightly bursts.

Turkish peas

turkish peas bait for carp

You can find in a supermarket that sells oriental spices. This pea is used for a culinary masterpiece of Turkish cuisine. Carp trying to bait the pea quickly gets used to his taste.

Preparation of peas. Pour 1 kilogram of turkey peas with 2 liters of water. Leave in water for 12 hours. Peas absorb water and double. Cook for 20 minutes with a little fire. This variety of peas is excellent in keeping the attractant. During cooking it is useful to add flavor or color.

White bean for carp

white beans for carp bait

You can buy at the grocery store. Works well on all cyprinids. Lack - quickly saturates the fish. Success is explained by light coloration. This makes the white bean well visible on the bottom. Preparation of white beans for carp fishing.

Fill 1 kilogram of white beans with 2.5 liters of water and leave for 12 hours. Then cook for 15 minutes. The main thing is not to digest. Too soft beans do not hold well on the hook. Sometimes, to enhance the flavor, beans are cooked in tomato paste.

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