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The best flavor for carp

The best flavor for carp

Various flavors are used for fishing on carp. Due to its taste qualities and pronounced smell, the flavor for carp can be conditionally divided into two categories. It is a sweet fruit and spicy composition. In the sweet bait add fruit fillers. Cocoa, cinnamon, vanilla, honey, anise, mint. Good fruit aromas are obtained by adding biscuits, vanilla biscuits, vanilla halva, cut marmalade and ground fruit baits to bait.

To obtain a spicy flavor, use garlic, dill, fried sunflower seeds or hemp. In cold water, carp actively searches for protein foods. To attract him at this time, it is necessary to add fish oil, boiled shrimp and fishmeal to the bait. Many fishermen add cat or dog food.

Flavors for carp fishing

Vanilla flavor for carp

Vanilla is one of the main aromas for carp fishing. It is typically a summer smell. It is used from spring to winter. The popularity of the smell of vanilla as a flavor for carp is based on a pleasant scent. First of all for the fisherman. Such a smell is very fond of carp.

Vanillin (vanilla sugar) is added to almost all baits. It is part of many attractants. Recently, combined vanilla flavors have been produced. Pineapple + vanilla, strawberry + vanilla, honey + vanilla.

Because of the wide distribution of such an additive among fishermen, this smell cannot always improve the efficiency of bait. Especially if a large number of fishermen gathered in a small area of ​​the reservoir.

Group of fruit aromas aroma for carp

The main flavors for carp are strawberry, peach, pineapple, banana, plum and various mixtures between them. There are exotic fruit smells for us. Mixing these flavors for carp with each other can give an additional interesting smell.

Honey flavor for carp fishing

Honey is also the main flavor for carp fishing in warm water. Drops, spray and dip based on the smell of honey can be used all year round. Both individually and in combination with other flavors for carp and carp fish.

Caramel flavor for carp

Flavor for carp Caramel is used less often. Often shows very good efficiency. Caramel is used for aromatization of bait for carp fishing.

Hemp flavor for carp

Used for catching carp seeds of hemp, concentrate and oil. For many fishermen, this aroma for carp fishing is basic in bait. Flavors Cannabis can be used all year round.

Garlic flavor for carp

The aroma of garlic works well when combined with other smells. The limit of fantasy is not there. Garlic + peach. Garlic + honey + vanilla. The reaction of carp in a particular pond to the aroma is important.flavor for carp

This is certainly not all the flavors that are used when catching carp. This is the basis. Using these flavors for carp, you can significantly increase the chance of catching captured fish.

Smells for carp in cold water

Catching of carp in late autumn and winter is widespread in Europe. Carp fishing is popular in southern regions. Spain, France, Italy, Portugal are countries where carp is phishing all year round.

For carp fishing in cold water it is better to use the following flavors:

- flavor shrimp;

- flavor of crab;

- flavor shell + garlic + hemp.

In the cold season it is necessary to use the fragrance carefully. In cold water it is better not to report than to shift excess smell.

The best flavor for carp
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