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Type and Characteristics of Fish Attractant

Type and characteristics of fish attractant

Many types of fish attractants are used by fishermen in their pure form (special solution). But there is a separate group of fish attractant activators that are used more widely. Distributed are not concentrated attractants and products with characteristics of simple in composition aromatic additives.

Types of fish attractants

Attractants are produced by many manufacturers of goods for fishing. For the first time in a store with this product, you can be confused by the large number and type of fish attractants. The assortment of these products is very large. There are attractants for catching peaceful and predatory fish. They are produced in the form of syrup, odorous liquid, spray and gel. Vials are decorated with all kinds of fish that live in our water bodies.

In this case, the attractant for pike perch, pike, perch, bream and carp can often be found in "one bottle". The comments of fishermen using such a bait are contradictory. Some fishermen actively use this way of activating fish.

Some fishermen categorically deny the use of the attractant. They say that the chemistry scares off the fish. In this, both are right. Get a positive result by applying the attractant is possible only if it is correctly used.

characteristic fish attractant

Firm attractants of a concentrated species can have a smell reminiscent of anything you like. From fish oil to honey. Usually the attractant looks like a liquid of thick consistency, syrup or jelly. Different types of attractant should be used correctly.

The attractant is added directly to the bait or added to the feed. The type and characteristic of the attractant determines the way in which the activator is added. Can be applied directly to the bait or added to the finished bait.

Flavoring substances are added to the main bait. Sometimes they are applied to bait. If the attractant is able to adhere to it or form a fragrant cloud in the water, creating a masking hook. This method is used when a mixture of products of vegetable origin is used as food and fish is caught on animal bait.

Compatibility of attractants

The most important principle of using an attractant is their appropriate application. Having bought a bottle of fish attractant for the first time and having believed in the magical power of the activator, the fisherman begins to use it uncontrollably.

Does not take into account the elementary rules of compatibility of odors and products. Experienced confectioner will never interfere with the pungent smell with sweet, fruity with salty, creamy with spicy. A direct analogy with the human and fish sense of smell cannot be done. Sometimes fishes like what will disgust people.

The best result can be achieved by using odors in its pure form. For example, take only garlic or just strawberries. You can combine similar in smell and origin products. Hemp oil and sunflower oil, baby food and vanilla.

It is necessary to select the type of attractant for fish, just as a woman chooses perfume. It is necessary to select the attractant by type and characteristic to the time, place and type of fish. An important principle of using the attractant is that a large amount of flavoring will scare away the fish.

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