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What Attractant and Activator Used on Fishing

What attractant and activator used on fishing

Today in the fishing shops there are so many things that the fisherman's buyer's eyes are running wide. The assortment is huge. Dry and liquid attractant, spray, paste in tubes. Fruit, spicy, spicy, meat and vanilla. What kind of attractant is used for fishing? How can a fisherman understand all this diversity? This article will help you understand everything.

Additives for bait

According to experts, fish perceives smells not as a person. She cannot catch a smell at all. For example, melassa or soy and corn protein carp well feel and identify as food. These substances are part of many branded bait. But the carp does not feel the smells that we hear.

By composition, all attractants can be divided into natural and artificial (chemistry). To natural attractants are various ground spices (coriander, cinnamon, cloves and others). They can be a mixture. Can be packed in a beautiful packaging. They can also be called an "appetite pathogen." Essence does not change it.

To natural liquid attractants is melassa

melassa natural liquid attractant

If you look good you can find more exotic attractants. In the English market you can find "squeezing from the bloodworm". Specifically smelling liquid in which you can see the real larvae of small bloodworms. Natural attractants include oils that attract fish.

This is hemp and fish oil. The specificity of oils is that they are difficult to fix on bait as a normal attractant. Getting into the water together with the ball of ground bait oil immediately strive upwards in the form of bubbles. Fish does not have time to try it out. Really oils can be useful. For example for impregnating pellets. Thanks to the oil, granules for a long time do not dissolve in water.

hemp oil for fishing

If you weld grain hemp and on this "broth" to mix the ground bait, this will attract more fish to the place of fishing. For us, this smell will be almost invisible. The assortment of artificial attractants is much larger. They are powdered and liquid. A liquid attractant is added to the water to prepare the bait. Dry attractant is added to the bait before moistening. There are exceptions.

Theorists like to talk about when to use a dry attractant and when the liquid flavor. The dry attractant is longer washed out of the bait and therefore effective for flow. The liquid attractant works faster and is well suited for standing water. In my opinion, this is all theory.

You can use any attractant. A dry attractant can be a little more convenient. It can be poured into the bait and get a large concentration of odor on the bottom. You can also simply dissolve in water and then mix the bait.

aroma for fishing

It can be noted that the concentration of the powder attractant differs depending on the specific product. Standard packages of 250-300 grams (activators, attractants) are designed for the same volume of bait as concentrates in jars of 100 grams. This should be taken into account when using the attractant for fishing.

A cheap attractant quickly loses its properties. Good chemistry costs money. In addition, it is a deficit. With this, I came across when, 6-7 years ago, I was offered to take part in the development of a new generation activator. This activator can be bought here on the site.

activator Super Bait

Then I realized that at the initial stage it is absolutely impossible to compete with the leading brands. They buy flavors in tons (!). Large companies can afford to order an exclusive. The price for it will be completely different.

Oil-based, many food essences used in the confectionery industry are absolutely not suitable for fishing. These components cannot be fixed on the bait. Therefore, fishing liquid attractants are always soluble in water. They are made on an alcohol basis or as a base the syrup is applied. A common basis is the "corn liquor".

The alcohol-based attractant has a high concentration. Syrups are usually not so concentrated. In addition to the odor function, the syrup also performs a mechanical function. Bonds the bait. The bait bar begins to disintegrate at the bottom as the sugar dissolves. These substances give a bait a sweet taste.

Another group of liquid attractants is a "booster". They are produced by the carp industry for processing bait (boilies, grains, pellets) placed in a pack of PVA. The usual attractant dissolves the package from the inside and the booster does not dissolve.

additives for fishing ground bait

Boosters are more diverse in smells than "usual" attractants. The company Traper in the assortment has such smells: pineapple, banana, black currant, chocolate, red worms, halibut, octopus, hemp, crab, shrimp, corn, salmon, honey, shell, joker, tiger nut, spices, plum, strawberry , vanilla, maple syrup, liver.

It is possible to single out a liquid attractant creating a visual effect. Invented this attractant in South Africa. Later similar attractants started to do in other countries.

liquid flavors for fishing

It is recommended that the boilies be treated with this liquid. I do not know what is there for the composition (the basis is obviously mega concentrated paint). The effect is as if the water gets luminous smoke.

Liquid attractants include DIP. This is a special activator for bait. It is packaged in small jars. Due to what they are comfortable to use. The consistency of DIP is slightly more dense than that of a usual attractant. This is done so that the DIP lasts longer on the bait. The task of DIP is to identify the bait on the bait. Therefore, the smell of DIP should differ from the smell of bait.

Some carp brands write on attractants "Contains vitamin complex" or something like that. In principle, vitamins are useful for fish. Only for the angler in the short term it is not necessary. The same applies to other "mysterious" words "betaine" and "amino complex."

For fishing, it is useful that it works here and now. The fisherman is not interested and it does not matter from what the fish grows better.

How much attractant to add to the bait?

The recommended dosage is usually indicated on the label. Often the manufacturer writes the maximum concentration. He is interested in the volume of sales. Therefore, in some cases, you can divide by two recommended dosage.

Heard stories that a large concentration of attractant can scare away the fish. It is not true. I personally had a chance. For several hours there was no carp activity. I had the idea to pour 100 ml of pure attractant into the water. He poured it right into the point of catching. A few minutes later the carp approached the bait and soon lay on the mat. Coincidence? I do not think so.

What fish what smell like

It is believed that there are indeed certain preferences. There is also a psychological moment for the fisherman. If you take a bottle with an attractant where it says "Carp", choose a carp place. Will prepare a heavy and nutritious bait. You will use the appropriate tackle on the carp. Will hang the bait. All this in the complex will allow you to catch carp.

When working with bait, give priority to such aspects as stickiness, nutritional value, particle size, volume and color. You need to believe in attractants. Over time, everyone has their favorites. This happens when the fisherman had the most successful fishing with the use of attractant and activator.

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