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What attracts fish to baits

What attracts fish to baits

All fishermen try to draw fish to bait to maximize their catch. They use modern bait, special feed, attractant, activator and other effective additives. In this case, the attractant for fishing occupies a separate niche in this area. It refers to a chemical that effectively attracts fish to bait. That is why the attractant should be considered more carefully. We will learn how he attracts fish to baits and all the features.

The principle of attracting fish to the bait

It is necessary to say that the attractant for fishing cannot always guarantee a big catch. It serves only as a kind of bait that attracts fish. All the stories about the fact that these substances arouse the fish's sense of hunger is a mistake.

In fact, the attractant simply lures the fish into a certain area. This significantly increases the likelihood of good fish activity. Given this professional fishermen are advised to use a set of measures designed to increase the catch.

The most effective attractants

There is a fish attractant that contains pheromones of a certain type of fish. In some countries there are restrictions on the application of this attractant. There was an opinion that this substance significantly increases the activity of fish and, accordingly, the catch.

But if there is no fish in the pond or a limited amount of fish, this attractant will not be effective. It's the same as catching fish in your pool. Therefore, sometimes you can read negative reviews on the Internet about attractants and activators.

fishing to baits

When the fisherman correctly prepares, even a simple attractant for fishing can provide additional attraction of fish to the bait and positively influence the catch. Thanks to the pheromone-based activator, the chance of catching large fish is greatly increased. Everything depends on personal skill, practice and patience.

Types of attractants to attract fish

To date, there is a large number of activators and attractants for fishing. Among them there is an attractant only for winter fishing or an activator for catching in the night period of time. Therefore, to facilitate the choice, we need to consider all their types.

Attractant forage

This attractant is used to create a specific area in which the fish will be collected. It is better to use it in pairs with a normal food that is designed for a certain fish. Attractants for carp proved to be very good. They attract fish to a particular place where the tackle is installed.

Attractant for fish bait

This type of attractant is designed to use it to highlight a specific bait. By immersing the bait in a special liquid, the fisherman designates it with a certain smell and color.

Separately it is worth noting such substances that stimulate a sense of hunger in fish. But these attractants are very rare at the present time. The price for them is also not small. But they are worth it. Also these chemical attractants are safe for the environment. Completely neutralized after a certain period of time.

Activators and attractants of general application

These are ordinary spices that attract any fish. They can be used both as feed and for bait. These attractants are produced for a particular type of fish and even for a specific weather condition. Representatives of this type are attractants for winter fishing. They are specially selected for winter conditions and are designed for a predator. This is a series of attractants Pro-Cure.

Type of activators for fishing

According to the form of release, activators for fish come in different types. The most common type is a dry mix in a PVA bag or a special mixture in a briquette. They are most often used to dive into the water at the fishing site. At the same time, briquettes have proved themselves very well. For a long time it does not dissolve in water.

Attractants of high concentration

Among the variety of attractants, one can distinguish a high-concentration liquid composition. The syrup is great for adding to normal food or for lure.

It can be noted that buying an activator or an attractant for winter fishing of this type should take care that the composition is kept warm. That is why for the cold season it is better to buy an attractant on an alcohol basis.

Attractant spray

A very practical form of issuing an attractant that allows you to spend your stuff very sparingly. The spray is great for handling bait, but not practical for the feed mixture.

Traditional attractants for fishing

Reviews of professional fishermen about these substances are different. Practically, the attractant is selected by experience and has no scientific justification. Usually they include human food with a pronounced smell and taste.

Among them there is sunflower or linseed oil, honey, vanillin or confectionery additive. You can also use medicines or oil cracking products. Such attractants are mainly suitable for peaceful fish.

Commercial attractants and activators

Such substances are manufactured by special companies. The manufacturer constantly conducts research in this area and produces only proven products. Most of them have their own scientific laboratories in which the most real researches are carried out.

One of the developments was the simulator of the center of hunger. This substance appeared on the market of fishing goods relatively recently. The simulator of hunger is based on synthetic pheromones affecting the center of hunger in fish. Such a substance can hardly be called an attractant.

This chemical is a completely new direction among modern attractants and activators for fishing. This substance surprisingly attracts the fish to the bait and encourages to eat not only the treated surface but everything around.

What attracts fish to baits
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